About Us

Babies with Diabetes is a site that started simply as a blog back in November 2009. Christy and Dan Vacchio were blessed with a son in April 2005, but were almost immediately thrown into an unknown world of rare disease when he was diagnosed with ideopathic Type 1 Diabetes at 18 weeks old. In December 2006, Andy's DNA was sent off for genetic testing and his diagnosis was changed to Neonatal Diabetes. In 2009, Katie arrived in August and was diagnosed as well, even though statistically, it should not have happened twice. 

Christy started the blog as a way to process their journey and update friends and family who were far away. As the Vacchios started meeting more families around the United States and the world, they came to realize that there was a greater need for more support and research for the children and patients who have DEND syndrome as well as those with Neonatal Diabetes who are still fighting for a genetic diagnosis or a better treatment. We have just begun our journey to start a nonprofit charity and hope to some day work with doctors and scientists to find more effective treatments for the neurological issues in the DEND syndrome children, or a total cure of the disease for all monogenic diabetes forms.