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A Thought on Speech Delays

I love that I have discovered the stats on my blog now.  My favorite thing, right after looking at how many people have visited my site, is looking at the search terms that people have used to get here.  It … Continue reading


I know it’s been a while since I’ve done a major update.  Life has happened.  I have been back at work full time since August of 2014 and had a part time job that felt like a full time job … Continue reading

Site Under Construction – Exploring the Purpose of this Blog

In the beginning when I started this blog, the reason was to spread awareness.  I knew that my husband and I became frustrated for years by not being able to find information on the type of diabetes my son had.  … Continue reading

Miss Independence

The ear-piecing scream echoes in my head as I sit at the table watching her eat. She has a sweet angel-face on right now, but I know, like a light switch, she can easily flip on the face of discontent … Continue reading

Spreading Awareness

One of the problems of having a rare disease is that awareness does not spread very quickly. It surprises and saddens me that we are coming up on 10 years into a new treatment for about 90% of patients with … Continue reading

Potty Training the Second Child

I was hoping that potty training on Katie would be easier and quicker since we’ve tried so long with Andy. But any parent with more than one child knows, every child is different. We tried a little with Katie last … Continue reading

Meeting with the Experts

Last week we had the advantage of traveling to Chicago to the second North American conference on Monogenic Diabetes. While there we had the privilege of meeting with Dr. Hattersley from the UK. He was very interested in our story … Continue reading

I Can Do It Myself!

As Katie has grown up we have had both moments of clarity where we are absolutely sure she is displaying behavior that is typical for her age and moments if confusion where we are just not sure what’s normal. This … Continue reading

At Last – Potty Training Success!

  Last year at this time we were very discouraged and at a loss for what to do. You see, Andy was sort of potty trained at around 5 years old but had some regression once he started having his … Continue reading

Long Time Gone

Wow! I knew I had neglected this blog for a while but had no idea it had been nearly two years! I decided it was time to kick things into gear and start blogging again about our journey. So many … Continue reading

Kicking the Bottle – Cold Turkey

Before anybody starts to judge my parenting skills, I just want to say that I often “know” what I’m supposed to do, but quite often follow the children’s lead and stick with some things way longer than is good for … Continue reading