What is Neonatal Diabetes?

Neonatal Diabetes is a subset of Monogenic Diabetes. It is a rare form of diabetes that is caused by a single genetic mutation and is diagnosed in the first year of life. Here at Babies with Diabetes, at least 50% of our profit will be donated to Kovler Diabetes Center in Chicago, Illinois in the United States where research is being done on this rare type of diabetes.

Two children with rare neonatal diabetes brother and sister diagnosed with diabetes in infancy living with rare type of diabetes 2 babies with diabetes

A Rare Pair

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Original Drawing of the Monogenic Ribbon

Christy's mother is an artist and one day when she was visiting, they started coming up with an idea for a monogenic diabetes ribbon after being inspired by a breast cancer ribbon using a DNA strand

Mutated Gene in a DNA Strand

The inspiration for the red line came from several pictures on the internet depicting a red line in the DNA helix strand to represent a single genetic mutation.

Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

The blue and grey colors and the red drop of blood come from the diabetes awareness ribbon. Since it is still a form of diabetes, we wanted to show that connection. After all, we do still have to test blood sugars, even if some of us don't have to check quite as often.

Monogenic Neonatal Diabetes Awareness Ribbon

The final product was just putting it into a digital image so we could use it to create some of the products you see here in the store. We may not always use the ribbon on all of our products, but it is what got everything started so it is the beginning of our story.